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Posted by Fork X2 on January 10, 20 at 13:02:52:

In Reply to: Re: I vote "Yes" on the headband posted by ScooterDevil on January 10, 20 at 12:58:54:

If the shoe fits wear it. You sir are exactly why ASU will never be a big tie athletic power. All you do is spew your brad of negativity. Have a nice life. I am through with this board.

: I assume I am one of the "coahces" you are talking about. I had family in town and was not able to watch the game so I cannot comment exactly what went on in the game. But whatever did go on, does not change what went on leading up to it. Just because he pulled Jaelen house and yelled at him does not change the fact that he watched players make terrible decisions in previous games with no accountability.

: Your comments are embarrassingly stupid to make after one win.`By your logic ASU could have been 0-14 and had lost every game by 20 points, but all the people complaining would have been wrong after the first win.

: So your explanation is that CBH watched his team lose by 30 to Uarizona a few games after losing by 40 to St. Mary's and he changed nothing? He did all the same things he has been doing all year and the team just magically played better? There is no possibility that he saw the same things the "coaches" on this board noticed and adjusted accordingly? No one has ever questioned CBH's pedigree or basketball knowledge. It has always been a question about his ability to get consistent results out of the talent he recruits. One positive result does not change that.

: : : And I bet he keeps wearing it as long as he keeps scoring....

: : : Go Devils! Nice Win!

: : I love this board. Last night the Sun Devils played a very solid game. They stretched the lead as the game progressed. Yes, the last couple minutes were dicey, but the Sun Devils made some free throws and avoided turnovers. Assists were up, shooting percentage was up.

: : But for some reason we have not heard from all the "coaches" who know more than the staff. Sadly, we will hear from them after the next loss.

: : So for last nights effort I applaud the players and the coaches. Contrary to what some may think, they are working hard. Sometimes things just don't go your way.

: : If anyone does not think CBH is intense and has demands of the players go back and watch his reaction to Jalen House. CBH knows what he is doing and contrary to some does have a game plan and does teach running an offense, etc. Remember the opponent is trying its best to disrupt the Sun Devil plans. Worked pretty good for ASU last night and not so well for OSU. That's the game of basketball. Disappointment is part of being a fan, ridiculing players and coaches is not acceptable. Every day the coaches and players are busting their butts to improve.

: : Can't wait for Saturday. May be a win, may be a loss, but win or lose I expect the team to make its best effort.

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